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‘23 in Review: Wait, what month is it?

Let somethings drop off...

by Aaron Tagliaboschi
14 December 2023

So…long time on see…

Apologies to the one or two of you who read about the hiatus. Here’s a short list of events:

  • My wife’s recovery took a weird turn and she had to start going to the hospital multiple times a week.
  • Continuing recovery took a very long, and is still ongoing.
  • In between that, we sold our house and moved a distance roughly equivalent to the drive from London, England to Rome, Italy about 2 months ago.

So I’ve been…I guess trying to reestablish some sort of baseline? I’m really not sure. Needless to say, None of the projects or goals I set at the beginning of the year have been reached or completed, save for one somewhat of a surprise: I managed to have a TikTok go weirdly viral (of course it had nothing to do with my other content), which pushed me over my 1,000 follower goal.

I’ve written a few more songs but up until recently all of my instruments were packed away. I did drop a new album on BandCamp that I sort of improvised but I think sounds very good anyways. You should listen to it.

Other than that, I don’t really have much to report I suppose. Life pretty much all of this year has been whirlwinds followed by trying to recover from one whirlwind before the next one picks up. I’m gonna hold off on making ‘24 plans and goals until I understand what my life actually looks like.

Y’all be good.