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Looking Foward to 2024

Not so much a plan as an idea...

by Aaron Tagliaboschi
1 January 2024

Looking forward to 2024

Status: First Draft

My 2023 was a bit more…interesting than I would have liked, to be honest. My hope is that for this year I have set myself up for a bit of stability, building back up healthy routines and habits.

My “goal” is to focus a bit more on myself and my own health, mentally and physically and creatively. That last one in particular I feel has struggled a bit.

Building Habits

Instead of having a series of resolutions, I’m going to focus on building habits. Here’s the main ones:

  • Reading more: reaching for my Kindle or a book instead of my phone
  • Writing more: recording my thoughts as they come to me, writing in notebooks when I can
  • More down time, and sitting with being “bored”
  • Less phone “junk food”, scrolling on TikTok, Youtube.

This last one in particular I think is going to be more important and probably the most difficult. I’ve got a few tools to help me form new habits I might review as the year goes on.

The Album

This is still my one goal for the year. I’ve got two demos down, need 3 more. My “studio” (office) is in approximately 50 boxes right now, so recording just plain isn’t gonna happen for the next few months. I’m hoping that means I can write the rest of the songs for the EP, and maybe some other project ideas as well. It’s possible they’re already started among the various ideas floating around on my reMarkable, we’ll see.

The Office

Another big project for me is the office itself. Now that we’ve moved house and the rooms have shifted a bit in square footage, my office is much larger (even after allocating about half for my wife).

This Website

I really want to keep writing prose, so I think I’m going to start writing reviews. I don’t think I necessarily have a trained literary eye, but it’ll help me focus what I’ve learned and taken from the things I read. This’ll be books, but I’ve also started to enjoy video games a lot more this last year, and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of real artist value from them. (Not that I’ve ever doubted that video games are art, just that I’ve gotten much more out of them.) I have a backlog of completed games I’m looking forward to processing and writing down.

Keeping Creative

I’m hoping that this year I’ll have the chance to be a bit more creative just in general this year. Whenever I can, it’s always just healing for me.

Be Good, and Be Well.