A place to me to dive a little deeper about computers, science, math, art, music, or whatever else I want.

Here’s a list of my various online feeds. As always, you can email me and I would absolutely love to hear from you.

RSS Feed
The RSS feed for my blog
My Linkedin profile. I don’t post at all, but it exists and is up to date
Where my code toys go. Considering a move to srchut, but haven’t yet. Also where a lot of my professional pulic work goes.
I’m slowly shifting over my new projects to source hut, as I just kinda like it more
Instagram (visual art)
My Instagram for my art and photography
Instagram (music)
A separate Instagram for my music
My YouTube channel. Also the official YouTube channel of me as an musician
Where my published music is. I publish with DistroKid, so my music is where ever else they push to, but this is my main squeeze.
SoundCloud (main)
MY main Soundcloud.
SoundCloud (improv)
Where I moved some improv after I ran out of space. Inactive archive (for now)
I’ve finally folded and made a TikTok. Almost completely music-related, although there may be a silly every now and again.
I’m gonna try this thing out, see how it works for me.